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Dry Bones

ISBN 978-0-9784321-6-4
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Dry BonesA hybrid narrative, different voices, contrasting worlds. One strand—banal, cruel, funny, sentimental by turns—a coming-of-age tale, a middle-class schoolboy awakens to the facts of class and sex in post-war England. The other strand a sordid tale of manipulation, betrayal and murder in Toronto, Kingston and Montreal. These stories are brought together in the narrator’s pursuit of the truth about life in general and his life in particular. Haunted by bad faith, in others and in himself, he nevertheless gropes toward insight into the nature of personal responsibility.

Eric Schachter is a writer and film maker.  His previous book Skandalon is an astoundingly candid exercise in personal and family archaeology.

Comments on a very early draft of Dry Bones:

“I think you are probably a good person.”
—Ivan Illich

“A cool investigation of class and crime.”
—Robertson Davies

“The best study of violent crime I have ever read.”
—June Calwood

“Everything rings true except for the fact that you actually liked [Bonnie and Ricky].”
—Timothy Findley

“It is not clear as to whether this is fact or fiction.”
—Leslie Fiedler

“I return this unread, as I have been accused in the past of stealing other people’s material.”
—Margaret Atwood

Book design and cover art by Christian Snyder.

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