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Philip Snowcroft’s Finality

ISBN 978-0-9784321-8-8
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Philip Snowcroft's FinalityA Manhattan fable of talent and mediocrity, ambition and genius, art and commerce, crime and punishment. Owen Higdon, hungry artist’s-agent, likeable chancer and compulsive gambler, has staked everything on selling Philip Snowcroft’s new painting. Finality is his friend’s culminating achievement as an artist, a work of epic scale, raw passion, moral authority—and worth a lot of money. Unfortunately, there are other stakes in play, in an increasingly desperate and dangerous game. Owen must choose. The next roll of the dice will be for his own soul.

Jason Schneider is co-author of Have Not Been The Same: The CanRock Renaissance, author of Whispering Pines: The Northern Roots Of American Music, and one of Canada’s most respected music journalists. His first novel, 3,000 Miles, was published in 2005. He lives in Waterloo, Ontario.

Book design by Christian Snyder. Cover art by Barry Lorne.

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