Rebecca Babcock

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Every Second Weekend

ISBN: 978-0-9864924-4-0
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Every Second Weekend

Nine linked and overlapping narratives in the voices of Liz and Katie, mother and daughter. We come to know Katie’s brother Michael, her feckless father, her half-brother Kent, in a family saga of tragedy and disappointment, of growing estrangement and isolation. As though mirroring this inner emotional landscape, the setting is a Canada of far distances, stunted forests, remote cabins, transitory accommodations. Both Katie and Liz must finally make choices about commitment, escape, desire and dignity. There are no easy answers in this austere tale, but a sense of the values of maturity and intelligence affirmed.

Rebecca Babcock, born in Cold Lake, Alberta, holds a PHD in English from Dalhousie University where she is currently working as an English Literature instructor. She has published short stories in Room of One’s Own and Fait AcCompLit, and, in 2004, adapted several of her stories to the stage, performing in the one-woman show Everysecondweekend at the Edmonton Fringe Festival. She lives in Halifax with her husband.

Book design by Christian Snyder.  Cover art by Jennifer Johannesen.




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